Customer First

Since our foundation in 1923 (Name of an era Taisho 12th year), we have developed our business with the concept which is "Next process is Customer!" without forgetting at any moment, under our management philosophy of <Quality First>, <Cooperation and Mutual Benefit> and <Mutual Trust and Participation>.

We were established as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes. O-band, known as a king of rubber band, was born when the tubes were cut in round slices. We developed adhesion technique by kneading the rubber materials, and it enabled us to manufacture adhesive tapes by coating adhesive on films. Covered electric conductors were derived from extrusion technique of rubber tubes. Viny-Ties were produced by laminating technique instead of adhesion. Also, medical tapes and dressing tapes were born by improving adhision and films kinder to skin. Our 95 years of history have passed quickly by developing and supplying such many kinds of products with wisdom and power of ideas.

I believe that the fundament of business is "Connection with people" no matter when.
Even though there are many techniques to expand business, there is no way to establish any business relationship without the connection with people, that is to say, "Relationship of mutual trust".
I also believe that it is important for us to take a low posture, avoiding an imperious manner, behavior and insolence, to earnestly correspond to everything in good faith, and to value "Connection with people" as well.

It is also important to improve creativity and acquire habituation to think hard, though it is not special. I believe we will be able to become a true "100th anniversary company", which can have support from many customers, only when we can do these ordinary acts naturally.

We will keep valuing "Connection with people" and "Relationship of mutual trust" for future and will thrust ahead the 100th anniversary, in such important turning point, by teamwork with creativity and wisdom under the concept of "Customer first".

Lastly. We sincerely ask you for your continued support and patronage to Kyowa Limited in Future.

President Masahiro SUGIHARA