always in daily life

“Always in Daily Life”
Since our foundation in 1923 (Name of an era Taisho 12th year), we have been developing ourselves with people’s daily life with having motto that we manufacture products which improve quality of daily life to realize people’s better and more comfortable life under the management philosophy which is <Quality First>, <Cooperation and Mutual Benefit> and <Mutual Trust and Participation>. Our products have a lot of patronage “as product which must be beside daily life.”

“Feelings of Gratitude”
A big earthquake at Kumamoto happened in April, 2016 damaged our Kumamoto factory and suspended its operation. In such situation we have never had, we formed “specialized team” with our customers, suppliers, consignee, transporters, builder, our own stuffs and former members to solve the situation. We could get back to usual situation and production in 3 month in result of such cooperation with all of the member even we considered that its recovery would take more than 1 year.
From occurrence, we felt the importance of relationship with people again and learned strength of projectile force by team work. Here again, we beg to tender my cordial thanks to everyone who gave us a lot of support.
Our “newborn Kumamoto factory” have been recovered and will keep developing for restoration.

“Customer First”
Currently we are in very difficult management environment because it is hard to predict the trend and also because material cost and exchange rate changes frequently, so there are much risk to keep managing. However, all of division take part in the philosophy of “Sales strategy to match market”, “Manufacturing to fulfill market’s needs” and “Development of new products which can help people in daily life” and we conduct with these philosophy to keep growing up more as whole company.

Kyowa Limited will see 100th year anniversary in years later.
In such important turning point, we will thrust ahead by our team work as a whole company with convictions of “Always in daily life”, “Feelings of Gratitude” and “Customer First”.

Lastly, we sincerely ask you for your support and patronage for Kyowa Limited in future.

President Masahiro SUGIHARA