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"TSU・NA・GA・RI (Connection) First"

President and CEO: Masahiro SUGIHARA

KYOWA LIMITED President and CEO: Masahiro SUGIHARA

Hello, everyone! Thank you for visiting the website of Kyowa Limited.
I am SUGIHARA, serving as the President and CEO, entering my 7th year in this position.

Under our 3 management principles of "Quality First," "Coexistence and Co-prosperity," and "Trust and Engagement," our company is a manufacturer and distributor of "O’band" (our brand name for rubber bands), various adhesive tapes, bicycle tires, tubes, electrical wires, and “skinix” medical products. This year on August 25th, we are celebrating our 100th anniversary since our foundation.

We have finally reached the end of the challenging 3-year period that was dominated by the pandemic. We have removed the acrylic panels for infection prevention from our workplace, ended the dispersal of employees, and abolished the mandatory mask-wearing requirement during work hours.

This past year has been a time for reflection and gratitude, as we have witnessed the terrifying nature of the virus and acknowledged the resilience and greatness of humanity. By acquiring herd immunity and overcoming the worst-case scenario, we have gained a deeper appreciation for the remarkable strength of our species.

In a time when measures such as teleworking, web conferences, and staggered commuting aim to minimize contact with others, and the mandatory use of masks conceals our facial expressions, the question arises: How can we foster a sense of connection and warmth with one another? The answer lies in our commitment to "Strengthening Connections" by allocating a budget for activities that promote employee interaction and create an environment where everyone can experience joy and human warmth. Occasionally, after work, we can gather in the workplace and engage in the making of Takoyaki, a symbolic snack representing Osaka's street food culture. These moments allow us to have passionate work discussions, lighthearted conversations about love, and raise a toast with beer. Such opportunities for relaxation can be both refreshing and enjoyable.

As our company celebrates its 100th anniversary, Kyowa Limited remains steadfast in our motto of "Together in Harmony." We will continue to adapt to changing times and societal shifts. Our commitment extends beyond mere formalities, as we strive to create an environment where everyone can freely express their opinions and share ideas. With our unique Osaka-inspired humor and laughter resonating throughout, we aim to preserve, create, and nurture a lively, open, and cheerful corporate culture.

We sincerely ask for your continued support and patronage for Kyowa Limited.