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R&D policy

Venturing into Unexplored Fields

To create new technologies and products, it is essential to stay one step ahead of the times with advanced intellect, refined sensibilities, exceptional research staff, and state-of-the-art equipment. At our company, each expert is dedicated to the constant development of new products and technologies.

Research and Development Structure

As an organization responsible for new product development and the maintenance/improvement of existing products, we have a Technology Development Group (R&D Group).
R&D Group is divided into teams based on specialized fields and is engaged in the development of various products such as packaging materials, bands, tapes, vinyl ties, and denture adhesives.

Experts in Each Field


Core Technologies

4 Fundamental Technologies

Core Technologies 4 Fundamental Technologies
  1. Analysis & Evaluation

    We analyze and evaluate various materials, products, and other items to improve the accuracy of input information for product development and research.

  2. Autograph & Thermal Analysis

    Formulation and Polymerization Formulation and polymerization technologies cultivated over the years, we aim to achieve new formulation designs.

  3. Particle Size Distribution Measurement Converting

    By applying adhesive processing technology, we carry out product development in various fields.

  4. New Coater Kneading, Extruding, and Molding

    The techniques exemplified by rubber processing. The technology that has generated “O’band” continues to serve as the foundation for product development today.